The 5 Best Epilators for Pubic Hair 2022

best epilator for pubic hair

While body hair is a completely normal and natural phenomenon in human beings, it is completely understandable if an individual wants to remove their body hair. After all, the soft and silky skin that one gets at the end of their hair removal experience is worth the money and the time spent!

Did you know during the time of Elizabeth I, women used to remove only their eyebrows and their forehead hair to make their heads look bigger? Because they did not have access to modern-day shaving tools, they did this using vinegar, walnut oil, and ammonia. Yikes, talk about toxic beauty standards!

While laser hair removal is a fairly permanent solution, it is a lot of commitment. Then there is the added fact that body hair removal requires different products and tools compared to facial hair. All of this can make the product shopping experience a confusing one. In light of this, today, our experts have taken a detailed look at some of the most popular and best epilators for pubic hairremoval to bring you the top five products out there.

5 Best Epilators for Pubic Hair 

1. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-720

  • Mode: Wet and Dry
  • Cordless: Yes
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 7.09 x 2.56 x 7.76 inches

The first feature of the best epilators for pubic hair that make them desirable is how compact and portable they are. Thankfully, this cordless epilator is light, charges very fast and is very easy to carry. The shaver head is 40% larger than your average wet epilator, which means it can be used to reach stray hairs across every surface of your body.

However, we strongly suggest cleaning the epilator after every use and using a separate facial epilator to prevent infection via cross-contamination.

Unfortunately, most users have one major complaint when it comes to this Braun Silk-epilator – the first time using it is quite a painful process. Of course, this applies more to new users, but still, we can’t help but wish it was a little easier.


  • This epilator is waterproof and can be safely used in the bathroom
  • A larger shaver head allows for faster and better hair removal
  • The product charges very quickly


  • The blades are quite loud compared to other products
  • The head is harder to clean if the hair is longer

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2. Philips Satinelle Essential Compact Hair Removal Epilator, BRE235/04

  • Mode: Dry
  • Cordless: No
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 2.36 x 4.72 x 7.28 inches

Philips’s Satinelle has consistently put out good quality corded epilators as well as cordless models over the years, all of which have garnered favorable reviews. This Philips Satinelle also easily falls in that bracket. With two speed settings, it is worth the money you’re paying.

Some users have suggested that the experience can be slightly painful, and for that, we suggest that you hold the skin taut to reduce cuts and abrasions. This epilator is best for removing unwanted hair from larger sections of your body, such as the underarms, arms and legs. But because of its smaller shaver head, we suggest not using it as a facial epilator.


  • The Satinelle is one of the cheapest and best epilators for pubic hair removal on our list today
  • Of all the epilators tested, this one is the most efficient with coarse leg hair
  • The shaver head comes with a plastic cover to prevent contamination and skin infection


  • The shaver head is not very effective with shorter hair
  • It does not have a cordless option

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3. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-030

  • Mode: Wet and Dry
  • Cordless: Yes
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 0.24 x 2.76 x 7.76 inches

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an electrical device in the beauty industry that doubled as both a shaver and a trimmer? The Silk-épilator 9 9-030 from Braun is just that! Be it the peach fuzz of your bikini line or individual hair from your armpit – this one does both. Although one of the more expensive cordless epilators on our list today, this is definitely worth the hype.

We particularly love the extra body brush that has been provided. Not only does it make getting that smooth skin easier by removing dead skin cells, but it also reduces the need to buy an additional exfoliator.

The adjustable head can be manipulated so as to run along the direction of hair growth, which means you can easily get rid of all the coarse hair.


  • The epilator comes with a soft body massager brush to get rid of dead skin
  • The longer handle makes the grip easier and more secure to prevent accidental nicks


  • It is more expensive than its competitors

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4. Philips Epilator Series 8000

  • Mode: Wet and Dry
  • Cordless: Yes
  • Blade Material: Ceramic blades
  • Dimensions: 7.28 x 5.82 x 2.56 inches

When it comes to electrical devices in the beauty industry, Philips’s range of beauty tools has garnered a name for itself. For the past decade, it has consistently put out affordable, easy-to-use and compact designs as well as basic models.

The 8000 epilator comes with 3 major accessories – a brush and two headpieces. One headpiece decreases the diameter of the epilator, and this reduces skin contact. This makes it perfect for use in small areas. The other head concentrates the hair removing to one area, leaving the skin smoother with reduced irritation.

One interesting feature is that instead of stainless, the blades are made of ceramic, which is essential in reducing skin irritation. Moreover, unlike stainless steel blades, ceramic blades last longer and get duller very slowly.


  • The epilator comes with 3 accessories, a storage pocket and an instruction manual
  • It can be used on both dry and wet skin
  • This also doubles as a bikini line hair removal device
  • Ceramic blades reduce ingrown hair and the appearance of strawberry legs


  • The epilator is noisy compared to other devices

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5. Epilady Speed Corded Epilator 

  • Mode: Dry use only
  • Cordless: No
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 1 x 4 inches

Operating on two speeds, this line from Epilady boasts itself as one of the most versatile hair removal methods out on the market right now. While we are not sure of that, it is certainly a good dry epilator for your daily routine on delicate skin. It is the perfect epilator for beginners.

At 31,000 tweezes a minute, you are guaranteed to get even the shortest hairs out in no time with the mini shaving heads, but as some reviewers have suggested, the pain sensation may be a problem for first-timers.

From what our experts have seen, the hair removal itself is incredibly smooth because it takes care of multi-directional hair growth. True to what the company has advertised, the skin feels smooth, without any peach fuzz for up to 4 weeks.


  • It comes with a cleansing brush for the epilator head


  • It is a corded body epilator, so you need to be around a power output
  • It can be used only in a dry setting

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How Can You Make the Process Less Painful?

Have you heard of the adage that “beauty is pain”? Well, that certainly is true when it comes to hair removal methods. Although epilating itself hurts less than laser hair removal, it isn’t entirely pain-free. So how can you make the process less painful?

  1. Sometimes epilating can leave behind itchiness, soreness or red bumps. The best and most natural treatment for this is using aloe vera gel directly on the skin immediately after the hair removal.
  2. Taking a hot water bath or washing the area with warm water will stimulate blood flow, which will make the hair follicles open wider. This also reduces the risk of having irritated skin post the epilating process.
  3. Remember to exfoliate your skin because the build-up of dry and dead skin cells can majorly aggravate the epilating process. Once done, remember to moisturize your skin with a scent-free and soothing lotion.
  4. Using a topical numbing cream a few minutes before the epilating process can significantly reduce the pain sensations. Remember to wipe the cream off completely before using the epilator so that it doesn’t get inside the shaving head.
  5. Epilating frequently ensures that the hair remains short, which is helpful in reducing pain sensations. Therefore, we suggest that you epilate once you see medium-level growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pubic Hair Removal:

Which type of hair removal lasts the longest?

Any form of laser treatment lasts the longest because, in it, the hair follicles are being targeted. However, you may need more than one such session to see long-lasting results.

Other temporary or semi-permanent methods include shaving, waxing and epilating.

Once removed, does the hair grow back thicker?

Actually, no. This is a very common myth and has been debunked. The thickness and color of the hair remain the same. The only reason that it looks thicker is that the hair end has a flatter surface due to previously being shaved.

Are there any other benefits of using an epilator for hair removal?

Regular use of your epilator can significantly reduce body hair growth over time. Besides, the results last longer than shaving, and unlike waxing, there are no creams involved, so there is a reduced chance of skin infection and contamination.

Are there any harmful side effects of removing pubic hair?

Other than aesthetic reasons and for easier clean-up during menstruation, there are no added benefits to pubic hair removal. Unfortunately, doctors have suggested that the entire purpose of pubic hair is to prevent infection, yeast infection and bacterial growth in the genital region. So, when you remove your pubic hair, you may be at a higher risk of such infections.

Thankfully, epilating, as a hair removal method, reduces the chances of contact dermatitis, which can occur with a process like waxing.

Are epilators better than using hair removal creams?

In one word, yes! Hair removal creams are loaded with toxic chemicals and compounds that confer smell to them. Genital areas, as we know, are more sensitive than your average skin surface. Therefore, shaving creams can cause rashes, allergic skin reactions, etc. Similarly, the blades of a razor which you use with the shaving cream can be loaded with germs and bacteria if not cleaned properly and cause severe infection.

Shaving can also increase the chances of ingrown hair and cause bumps.

Because epilators eliminate all of these unnecessary steps and products, they automatically make the shaving experience that much safer, healthier and easier.


No matter what marketing strategies you believe, getting rid of any hair, be it body, facial or pubic hair, isn’t a painless process. This is because at the end of your hair follicles are present nerve endings. Any kind of hair pulling aggravates those nerves. Thankfully, one of the ways to remove hair while also reducing the pain is epilators.

The beauty industry is worth billions of dollars, and unfortunately, this is more confusing than helpful to the general customer. In light of that, this article was intended to help you understand epilators a little better and break down some of the basic questions.

We hope this article helped narrow down your search for the best epilators for pubic hair. Thank you for reading. Now go and buy yourself one ASAP!


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