Everything You Need to Know about the Best Hard Wax Beans Products

best hard wax beans

Do you want your skin to be silky smooth and beautiful? Well, that’s one of the main benefits waxing provides. However, waxing has its disadvantages too, like how painful it can be when does to sensitive areas. That’s why the best hard wax beans are so important for calming things down, especially in private places.

According to Healthline, you have options and can choose between soft wax and hard wax. Soft wax is better for larger areas like the legs, and hard wax is better for more sensitive areas like the bikini line or pubic area.

By getting rid of the need for wax strips, hard wax beans try to make hair removal less painful. If you want to know what it’s like to get waxed without shrieking in pain, check out our list of the 5 best hard wax beans and find out for yourself all about waxing without pain.

Our Top List of the Best Hard Wax Beans for Your Skin

1.Cirepil Blue Depilatory Non-Strip Disposable Wax

 The product is a smart choice.

Cirepil Blue Depilatory Non-Strip Disposable Wax possesses a mixture that inhibits the regrowth of hair for an exceptionally long period of time. Zoom mentions that firm wax beans that are odorless and scentless could remove any and all forms of hair, regardless of how coarse or fine your hair may be.

This brand is a gluten-free, paraben-free hard wax that is not tested on animals. Applying thinly with little spreading resistance would suffice, though it may take a little time to build up.

You have no need to worry – this product can be used in delicate regions of the skin, such as the top lip, brows, and the area around the bikini line.


  • Simple and pretty easy to use
  • Quick-drying, so there’s less trouble
  • Highly recommended by famous and elite dermatologists worldwide
  • Unscented and will not leave a lingering odor


  • It does tend to be a bit pricey

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Cirepil Blue Depilatory Non-Strip Disposable Wax, in all honesty, is one of the good ones. If you are an economical person who’s on a rough budget, then this may not be for you. However, waxing delicate areas is a 100% safe journey with this hard wax.

 2. KoluaWax Bikini Babe Hard Wax Beans

These high-quality hard wax beans from KoluaWax have been recognized as KoluaWax’s strongest combination to date, and they have been specifically created to target thick and coarse hair. The remedy, which KoluaWax claims can remove even the most stubborn hairs, is made from authentic Brazilian carnauba palm wax.

Is it effective? We think so! Shaving cuts the hair follicle at the skin’s surface. KoluaWax, on the other hand, adheres to the hair and pulls it out by the root. Because more of the shaft is removed during the operation, the hair takes longer to regrow. It’s conceivable that the regrowth will be softer, finer, and less apparent.

The wax may be used to treat hair from any part of your body. The beans are easy to melt, firm up fast on the skin, and can be removed without causing a mess. They leave behind a relaxing and delightful odor that reminds you of the fresh fragrance of the sea according to Beauty Image.


  • It melts real smooth and quick
  • Includes applicator sticks
  • Very simple and user-friendly


  • You may have to endure a bit of pain during the process

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This type of hard wax beans focuses on thick and coarse hair, so it’s perfect for areas like legs. Fine hair? Well, not so much. But it is a high-quality product, so it’s very safe.

3. Yovanpur Hard Wax Beans

A product that focuses on being high in quality and affordable to the majority, and one of the best hard wax beans up to date in our opinion.

The two main elements of Yovanpur’s firm wax beans are chamomile extract and genuine Brazilian carnauba wax according to the official page. They melt quickly, are easily dispersed, and may be pulled off without leaving any trace.

Your shaved hair will regrow much more slowly than when it is shaved, and it will be thinner, finer, and sparser. Make sure to keep it out of the reach of youngsters.

Also, we think it better to wait at least two hours after showering or sunbathing before reapplying these wax beans.

The wax may be used to eliminate hair from any part of your body. It sticks to the individual hair strands rather than the epidermis, making the operation absolutely painless. The wax’s composition is intended to be non-irritating, and the benefits should last between four and six weeks.


  • Made with the most natural ingredients
  • A relief to the users: it’s easy to apply
  • This wonderful product does not leave any residue behind
  • Cash-back guarantee upon receiving a faulty product
  • Includes applicator spatulas


  • The substance may crack and crumble off

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Now, this hard wax bead’s charm is its ability to be used on any part of the body. Apart from this, it is also affordable, so if you are tight on the green, but still want to get a quality product, then go for this.

4. Waxness Hard Wax Beads Charcoal

Waxness claims that Waxness Charcoal is made with only the best resin and a one-of-a-kind combination of additional ingredients, all of which work together to create a wax that is both malleable and durable.

The customized creamy formulation is ideal for use in all sensitive areas since it is gentle on the skin while yet being effective on the hair, thus making it one of the best hard wax beans available.


  • Can be safely recommended
  • Pretty easy application
  • A great choice for first-time waxers
  • Includes applicator spatulas


  • While this is great for coarse hair, it doesn’t do much to fine hair

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This product is great for those of you with sensitive skin. It is very gentle to work with and can be especially good to wax coarse hair.

5. Yovanpur Hard Wax Beads for Brazilian Waxing

Yovanpur wax beans are powerful enough to treat thick hair while being delicate and effective on soft hair. With this multi-use waxing product, you can tidy up your brows to your bikini line in one short waxing session.

It has a unique composition that makes it perfect for use in particularly sensitive areas. However, it is a versatile product of the greatest quality that can be used anywhere.

You need to be especially cautious since wax should never be applied to mucous, blemishes, moles, warts, sunburn, or any other red and irritated area.

Perfect wax pearls painless hair removal for your complete body: face, arms, legs, chest, back, and bikini area.

True to being an inclusion of the best hard wax beans, these hard wax beans are incredibly bendable and painless for hair removal.

It takes 10-15 minutes to heat the waxing beads into a liquid consistency. If you use a wax warmer, please heat the wax beans to the maximum setting. Spread hard wax over the skin in the direction of hair development once the bubbles emerge after stirring.


  • Takes only about 10 to 15 minutes to prepare it
  • Perfect for both coarse and fine hair
  • Offers a complete refund for any unsatisfied customers


  • The time taken for your hair to grow back may vary from person to person

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Yovanpur wax beans are made from pure Brazilian carnauba wax and are gentle but effective. Our strongest hard wax, made with just the best materials, adheres to your hair rather than your skin.

So if you are looking for a type of hard wax beans that have minimum cons, then Yovanpur Hard Wax Beads for Brazilian Waxing is probably your best match.

The Best Hard Wax Beans: Things to Know

woman had holding depilatory pearl hard wax beans box

Before Application

First off, you will have to browse through the product reviews. This basically means that you go through how the product has been appraised by others by reading the reviews that have been posted for it.

Starpil especially notes how you should prepare the wax and how thin the wax will be applied. Several types of hard wax have recently developed new formulas that incorporate more complex polymers, and this allows you to use them for a thinner application. This type of wax saves time since it holds less heat and solidifies faster.

Looking into the Ingredients

It would be a wise choice for you to choose an item composed entirely of natural ingredients such as beeswax, almond oil, coconut oil, and honey-like substances.

As BeauTome mentions, paraffin might be used in certain hard wax beans to make the application smoother and thinner, as well as to speed up the drying process. This, however, we can’t argue with, because after all, these are man-made products.

But it would be best to stay away from items that have been changed with artificial colors and fragrances just to be on the safer side.

Categories of Wax: What to Go For

For your information, know that there are two types of hard wax: gel and creamy. Creamy hard wax is the most effective solution, according to us, for removing fine, vellus hair. Gel hard wax, on the other hand, is more suited for removing coarse, thick hair, otherwise known as peach fuzz.

You can choose either of the two, but your choice should be depending on the area that has to be waxed according to Byrdie.

Hard wax beans are more user-friendly than soft wax beans. Apart from this, they come with a whole set of other benefits as well!

Why You Should Choose Hard Wax Beans

Hard Wax Beans are our personal favorite. One benefit is that there is no requirement for waxing strips. Also, no one likes pain, and waxing is anything but. Hard wax beans, however, are less excruciating than the normally used soft wax according to Biotyful.

If you’ve used these, you should also find that it eliminates hair from the root. This is great because it would take a while – much more than a normal razor shaving – for the hair to grow back. Additionally, hard wax eliminates up to 80–90 percent of hair in one swift pull.

Let’s face it: not all of us can afford to run to a spa to get our waxing done every other day. But, we need not fret, because Crown Beauty Bar is confident that using hard wax beans is better, and more affordable than going to a beauty salon.

These products tend to work on any and all types of hair: be it coarse or fine, so that you can enjoy the feel of clean-shaven skin. However, we should remind you to keep your focus on the hair, and not the skin. (via Painless Wax)

Also, it’s advised to put a three-week hold on your hair’s growth. Overusing the products would do you more harm than good. Hard wax beans can be applied to all areas of the body, including the brows, the upper lip, and the region around the bikini.

The best thing is that it gets rid of hair that grows inside itself, which cuts off more than half the difficulties of using normal waxing methods.

Steps to Follow When Using Hard Wax Beans at Home

Wax Heater with Hot Wax on Wooden Spatula

Start by collecting all of the essential materials: things like the hard wax beans, a pre-wax oil or spray of your choice, the wax warmer, a post-wax oil or spray, and a towel are all essential items. You really don’t want to run around the place looking for a spray with your legs covered in wax like Stylecraze advices.

Once you’ve gathered all the essentials, begin by laying out some newspaper, towels, or sheets on the ground prior to beginning your waxing journey. This is especially important if you’re a first timer since there will be more of a mess left behind. Remember, we need to do this as carefully as possible.

Now on to the actual waxing. To prepare your skin, apply the pre-wax oil or spray onto the area first. Meanwhile, the beans should be heated in the warmer.

Tip: In order to keep your wax in a stable and consistent temperature, ensure that the warmer you are using is one of top-quality.

After that’s done, you can then spread the melted wax over your skin using an applicator stick. Be very cautious: always proceed in the same direction as your hair grows, and never in the other direction.

According to Homiley, allow a minute for the wax to harden. Next, you can pull it out in the opposite direction that the hair typically grows.

We’ve come to the final steps! To feel better, apply pressure to the waxed area, and wipe down the area with a warm cloth.

After your waxing session is successfully done, you can apply some post-wax oil or spray for a calming effect; to give the process a grand finish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the application of hard wax less painful?

Well, when compared to soft wax, yes, we would say, the removal of hard wax hurts less. This is why we recommend the hard wax beans, since it would assure a better waxing experience.

Is it okay to work with hard wax?

Why not? Of course, using hard wax is quite safe to use. However, every silver lining also has a dark cloud, so never overuse the product.

Is it safe to apply hard wax on my face?

You certainly are able to apply firm wax to your face. Make sure to use a type that is compatible with your skin though. And keep in mind, your facial skin is very soft and more sensitive. So pay close attention to what type of wax you will be using on your face.

Is it possible to reuse hard wax once it has been melted?

No, unfortunately, after it has been melted, hard wax cannot be reused. Therefore you would need to get a new batch of hard wax for a new waxing session.

Best Hard Wax Beans Brands

Cirepil Blue Depilatory Non-Strip Disposable Wax

They are a French firm that was created in 1936 and has always been noted for the great quality of their products.

Perron Rigot has patented over 20 depilatory waxes and has been a pioneer in establishing new sectors, such as the first low-temperature wax, the first strip-less wax, and the first hypoallergenic waxes.

KoluaWax Bikini Babe Hard Wax Beans

KoulaWax is a firm that manufactures and distributes hair removal solutions for ladies. They’ve been in business for almost a decade and have made several adjustments to their firm.

You can use their products to successfully remove coarse and tenacious hair without harming the skin since they are suitable for use in sensitive areas.

Yovanpur Hard Wax Beans & Yovanpur Hard Wax Beads for Brazilian Waxing

Yovanpur is a popular manufacturer of women’s waxing supplies. Apart from Brazilian waxing and the hard wax beans mentioned here, they produce a wide range of superior wax products.

When used to remove hair from the skin’s surface, you may notice smoother skin that lasts three times as long as shaving and with less irritation than ordinary wax beads.

Waxness Hard Wax Beads Charcoal

Waxness is a high-quality but reasonably priced wax. Due to the particular proprietary rubber component, the suggested selling price for this high-quality wax is incredibly competitive, making it up to 30% more inexpensive than normal wax.

Its high-quality components are precisely developed to suit your requirements.


We hope you enjoyed reading our roundup of the best hard wax beans available. There may be others that are as good, but we listed out the brands we found were fitting.

You know very well that waxing is a quick and easy procedure to remove hair from the roots of the body. However, regular salon trips may cost you a fortune. You’ll need to find quality hard wax beans at affordable prices.

The products on the selected list are simple to use, fast to dry, and appropriate for all skin types.

All in all, choose what you think is best. be it the most expensive or the least, you should select the safest option that would get the job done with no after-effects.

Happy shopping!


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